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This resources provides direct links to statistics about major types of cancers that affect males in NSW. Data is current to end 2008. Bladder Cancer Bowel Cancer Brain Cancer Breast Cancer Cancer Of Unknown Primary ...
9/5/2012 11:15:08 AM
The NSW Men's Health Action Plan outlines five main priorities around which men's health actions are being delivered: 1.  Build the heath system’s capacity to make health services and information 'male friendly' so that all men have equitable access to the best possible heal...
4/18/2012 4:04:11 PM
Overview Around 44% of carers in NSW are male. They tend to be older than female carers and more likely than females to be caring for a spouse. The second most common caring arrangement among male carers is caring for a parent. Key Issues: Recognition: Historicall... 10/9/2017 9:36:03 AM
Men And Managing Cancer The Australian Institute Of Health And Welfare estimates that around 20,000 men die every year from cancer in Australia and the treatment of cancer places a heavy burden on the health system on an ongoing basis. This section outlines resources that ar... 11/18/2011 11:29:59 AM
    Caseworkers should recognise and take into account the diversity of fathers......   Brighter Futures is a program designed to provide early intervention services for families likely to be affected by domestic problems that may later escalate into child protection ...
3/5/2013 12:59:20 PM
  There is now also some evidence that involvement in meaningful activities that include social engagement can potentially slow down the progression of dementia..   Men with dementia or those caring for someone with dementia may find that friendships become more diffic...
10/24/2016 11:40:41 AM
  Are there any differences in the way women and/or men use your service?...   Although released in 2003, this document is still a useful checklist for planners and managers of health services who wish to encourage a culture of equity for both genders within their serv...
8/14/2012 2:51:59 PM
  One factor recognised by service providers is that some men may be managing quite well by their own estimation....   This study is about older men who are physically frail or have a disability, and their access to home and community care (HACC) services in NSW. The ...
7/10/2012 5:12:58 PM
Male Carers There is a lack of recognition for male carers. According to the ABS in 2009, there were more male carers (54%) than female carers. Male carers need to be supported in their caring roles as they are often juggling work and other commitments. Being a male carer th... 4/22/2015 11:38:34 AM
Introduction Although this website is made by Aboriginal men for Aboriginal dads it applies to all new dads. Becoming a dad can be a wonderful experience but it also has its challenges. Life changes after having a baby, and it is important to try to find a healthy balance be...
11/10/2015 9:50:53 AM
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