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Asking what works in male health

In the men's health community, we constantly come across excellent and well-considered initiatives across a vast array of sectors.

MENGAGE is about documenting and profiling these initiatives to showcase the practices that really delivered good results for the program's clientele.

The actions that work in men's health are diverse, yet they are also specific to the immediate context of a particular program. So a program targeting Aboriginal males in western Sydney may find different things work to a similar program in remote western New South Wales.

MENGAGE is also about creating a lasting record of some of these great initiatives.  The reality is that many successful programs take more than one funding term to produce solid results, so findings from short term programs can be lost if they are not renewed.

You Can Contribute

If you are running a program, producing resources or undertaking research in men's health, we want you to be part of MENGAGE.

There are several good reasons to be part of the Men's Health Clearinghouse:

  • It's free exposure for your organisation
  • It's an independent resource that brings out the parts of your program that delivered something useful.
  • You can bring together as many available resources about the program as you have available - from photos, videos, audio, brochures, anything you care to share with us!

Please contact us if you wish to take part.

Who Administers MENGAGE?

MENGAGE is a project of the Men's Health Information & Resource Centre Men's Health Information & Resource Centre  at the University of Western Sydney.

It is funded through the Men's Health Action Plan by the NSW Ministry of Health NSW Ministry of Health


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