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AIHW: Cancer In Australia - An Overview 2012

Cancer Like many conditions, cancer affects propertionally higher rates of males than females. Understanding the major risk factors for cancer to bring about effective prevention and treatment is useful for services.

It is important to understand the prevalence of cancers among males as death from cancer is the next most pressing cause after cardiovascular disease.

On every measure, proportionally more males than females are affected by cancer and rates of certain cancers are increasing (although so are survival times).

Indigenous Australian males are further affected by cancer at a level higher than non-Indigenous males, a factor attributed to lower screening rates and higher incidences of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

Implications For Services

The data supports developing gendered approaches to cancer prevention and treatment. The importance of regular and early treatment of symptoms has to be continaully prioritised as there is still some reluctance from males to seek help, and this is compounded by some services being unsure of how to effectively engage with men to uncover hidden symptoms.

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