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Behaviours and Male Health

Health promotion practitioners across the country are working hard to try and change the behaviours of people to reduce the current and future burden on health services. 

This section addresses some of the behavioural approaches being taken to address specific health behaviours and actions in men and boys.

  • Domestic Violence

    Domestic Violence
    Domestic violence as an issue is nearly always conveyed in terms of men's violence against women. But it becomes a men's health issue when it results in separation of couples, or when it is examined in terms of same-sex relationships or in terms of intimate partner violence by women aganst men.

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  • Drinking & Alcoholism

    Drinking & Alcoholism
    A study by the Department of Health and Ageing revealed that the direct cost of alcohol abuse was around $15 billion per annum. Alcohol abuse has many flow-over effects into other areas of health with a particular effect on male suicides, road safety, domestic violence and hospital admissions.

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  • Drug Abuse

    Drug Abuse
    Drug abuse is a male health issue when it intersects with violence, suicide or other issues that are routinely experienced by males. Where resources are available that provide information on this linkage, they provide a useful basis for practitioners to understand the role that drugs and their overuse play in male health issues.

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  • Road Safety

    Road Safety
    Understanding how to engage men in road safety will pay enormous dividends in reducing the heavily-male-biased road toll in Australia. With 1288 lives lost in the year to June 2011 of which 939 were male, there is clearly a heavy bias towards the impact on male life expectancy compared to females.

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  • Sexual Abuse

    Sexual Abuse Resources
    The effects of sexual abuse can last for decades and have serious implications for male health across a number of health aspects. These resources provide useful advice and information for encouraging a journey of healing from past abuses.

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  • Smoking

    Despite long-term and widespread anti-smoking campaigns, there is still a proportion of the population that is unable to cease smoking. The addictive nature of smoking and the social factors that create the craving for cigarettes are hard to overcome. In 2007, 21% of males and 18% of females. Smoking accounted 9700 deaths in men (against 5,100 women).

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  • Social Violence

    Social Violence

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  • Suicide

    A Review Of Male Deaths By Suicide
    Suicide is perhaps the most gendered health issue with a proportion of around four males for every female. The issues and contexts of suicide are complex and it is a product of many factors which makes it a difficult problem to address.

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Men's Advisory Network: Intimate Partner Abuse Of Men

10 Tilbrook Final Report 1In this research, the complex nature of intimate partner violence and abuse against men is explored. It uncovers previously unknown aspects of abuse and provides a compelling overview of the nature of inter-family violence against males. 

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Media Feature: Male Victims of Domestic Violence

flickr kate hiscock1 Domestic violence against men is not often mentioned in the media, or generally talked about, but there are many male victims and they need to be heard, taken seriously and to be believed, and not be ridiculed or told to "man up". The government also needs to fund counselling, services and shelters for male victims of domestic violence, just as they do for women.

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ADFVC: Engaging Men in Men’s Violence Prevention: Exploring the Tensions, Dilemmas and Possibilities


This paper examines the role of men in influencing outcomes of men's violence against women. It offers benefits and drawbacks of involving men in such programs.

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One In Three: Review Of Family Violence Research

1in3 The One In Three campaign provides research and resources that support the prevalence of men as victims of domestic violence. 

"Up to a third of victims of sexual assault and abuse is male (perhaps as many as one in two)..."

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ACON: Another Closet - Domestic Violence In Gay & Lesbian Relationships

ACON SSDV ACON provides resources that raise the profile of domestic violence in same-sex relationships through the Another Closet campaign.

"Considerable work is needed to enable services to become ready and able to handle SSDV..."

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