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Life Stages

Men's Health throughout The Life Course 

The needs of boys and men change throughout the life course and at each stage of life they will be impacted by different health challenges. This section outlines resources directed at males at each life stage.

  • Early Childhood

    Early Childhood Health
    A good start in life is important for the development, health and well-being of boys. Positive childhood experiences will help shape and build health later in life. This section highlights programs and initiatives that address boys' health and well-being needs in early childhood.

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  • Adolescence

    Adolescence and Teenage Health
    Guiding boys through the transition to adulthood can be complex and challenging but there are a number of programs and initiatives from around the world that are addressing the need for positive male role models, mentoring models and other strength-building programs to help grow boys into great men.

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  • Life Course Health

    Health Throughout The Life Course
    More emphasis is being placed on creating information that is relevant to the particular contexts of mens' lives. Approaches that focus on the kinds of checks and potential illnesses likely to affect men at that age will be more meaningful and relevant than broad-brush approaches.

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  • Young Adulthood

    Young Adulthood
    This section is awaiting content. You can help us by submitting your programs and resourceshelp us by submitting your programs and resources about better ways to work in this topic.

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  • Fatherhood

    Healthy Lives As Fathers
    The connections between fathering and health are becoming more evident.Becoming a father provides new motivation for many men to start really thinking about their own health so they can live a full and long life to see their children grow up. For men who become fathers at an early age, they must navigate the normal stages of becoming a man as well as the added responsbility of parenting.

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  • Retirement

    Retirement is often referred to as the third age and for men can present either a new opportunity to pursue favourite activities or a time of uncertainty. With the rise of the men's sheds movement, there is a new awareness of the kinds of health issues faced by older men and but this focus has also highlighted the kinds of health-giving environments that are enabling older men to remain engaged with life and healthy.

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  • Grief & Loss

    What Services Support Men Through Loss?
    Many men find themselves adrift when a loved one dies. They frequently find that there are fewer services that are actively equipped for men's grief and bereavement, and this has spurred the formation of programs geared to supporting men through loss.

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Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: Early Childhood Experiences Shape Health and Well-Being Throughout L

robert wood johnson foundation logo 1 Research shows that children’s nutrition varies with parents’ income and education and can have lasting effects on health throughout life. One example, inadequate nutrition, is linked with obesity during childhood, which in turn is a strong predictor of adult obesity and its accompanying risks of chronic disease, disability and shortened life.

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Disadvantaged boys more likely to be medicated: Adelaide

Children and teens from disadvantaged families, particularly boys living with a single parent, are more likely to be prescribed antipsychotic medication, an Adelaide study has shown.

Antipsychotic medications are typically used to treat mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar, and can also be used to treat behavioural issues associated with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

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Top Blokes Foundation

top blokes logo Founded in 2006 by Melissa Abu-Gazaleh, the Top Blokes Foundation challenges and empowers over 1000 young men each year, around the ages of 14 -24 to reach their potential and to make positive life choices through the Top Blokes mentoring, leadership and resilience programs.

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My Brother's Keeper Alliance (MBK)

mbk alliance MBK is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the lives of boys and young men of colour (BYMOC) by providing support and connecting young people to mentoring and support groups and to help them acquire skills to go to college or find a good job. 

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Child Trends: What Works For Male Adolescents

ChildTrends This resource from the US examined a large number of programs aimed at improving negative behaviours among male teens and analysed what worked and what did not work. 

"115 programs reviewed to uncover what works for adolescent males..."

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