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NSW Health Men's Health Action Plan

NSWMHAP The NSW Men's Health Plan draws direction from the National Health Priorities and builds on achievements made under the NSW men's health policy, Moving Forward in Men's Health (1999). The NSW Men's Health Action Plan outlines five main priorities around which men's health actions are being delivered:

  1. Build the heath system’s capacity to make health services and information 'male friendly' so that all men have equitable access to the best possible health care available.
  2. Reduce the incidence of cancer among men by improving cancer care and information and by encouraging men to have regular check ups, self screen and lead healthier lives.
  3. Support more effective approaches to health promotion information and campaigns for obesity, smoking, excessive drinking and unsafe sexual behaviour.
  4. Promote actions to support and increase the resilience of men during especially stressful points of transition across the life course; and 
  5. Increase the participation of men in programs and activities designed to prepare them for being a father and to encourage them to take an active and positive role in parenting.

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