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Men's Health Peer Education: Men's Social Connectedness

mhpe logo This issue of the Men's Health Peer Education (MHPE) stresses the importance of social connectedness and its benefits to men's health and wellbeing.

"MENGAGE encourages men to broaden their social networks, reaching out to and bonding with mates not only for personal enrichment but also for emotional support in challenging times."

Many men make social connections and build social support by joining for example a Men's Shed, through sports activities or through volunteering. While the MHPE program aims to raise awareness about the veteran community's awareness of men's health issues there is lots of useful information about men and social connectedness in this issue that may be helpful to anyone seeking information on this topic. Health services running events for men may find this resource useful as a talking point about men and social connectedness.


Connecting with family, friends and the community can improve men's health and wellbeing and has many benefits including:

  • Having a sense of purpose
  • Belonging and being valued improved mental and physical health and;
  • Increased resilience to stressful life events

Research shows that men in their middle years (30-65) may experience difficulty maintaining social connections due to for example work and family commitments and time and financial restraints. Having strong social connections is protective of health and wellbeing. Community groups for example can encourage and enable individuals to form and maintain positive social connections through events and engaging activities.

Key Topics in This Issue Include:

  • Benefits of Joining a Social Group
  • Physical Activity and Social Connection
  • Volunteering and Social Connection
  • Learning and Social Connection
  • Managing Social Anxiety

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