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Auburn Migrant Resource Centre: A Capacity Building Approach Based On Research With Recently Arrived

Muslim Males This review by the AMRC from December 2008 outlines approaches toward better representation of the social inclusion needs of young Muslim Men in Australia.

"Recommendations  from this report should provide useful guidance to service providers and policy makers in the settlement services field..."
This project was based on the Muslim Males research which sought to uncover the lived experiences of newly arrived migrant Muslim men in Sydney. Muslim men face a set of negative stereotypes that are contributing to lower rates of success in joining Australian society as measured by a number of factors.

Key Factors Addressed

Representation Of Muslims: explores how the media represents Muslims and how muslims in particular are presented as products of their religion in ways that non-muslims generally are not.

Human And Civil Rights: issues of discrimination, vilification and targeting affect entire families and their social wellbeing and the respondents reported a wide range of discriminatory actions from a number of agencies.

Belonging And Values: most of the respondents reported positively about becoming part of Australian society but outlined ways in which agencies and governments could assist the process of integration.

Linkages In The Community: there is room to help young men getbto know how to integrate their own culture and background with Australian society, so connections between each other and between services can provide benefits in social integration.

Settlement Support: opportunities exist to offer better and more cohesive 'orientation' into Australian lifestyles, primarily around accessing essential health, employment, language and education services and having help to navigate the systems of Australian society.

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