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Effective Male Health Communication

How practitioners communicate with males has a significant influence on how men and boys receive health information. In fact, it is only with appropriate communication techniques that practitioners can move past the challenge of 'men don't talk' or 'men won't discuss health' - when it's done in a male-friendly way, it can be hard to get them to stop talking!

These resources provide insights into effective health communication for men that encourages them to adopt healthier behaviours and increase receptivity to health-giving information.

MHIRC: Resource Kit 2: Practitioners’ Guide to Effective Men’s Health Messaging

mhirc kit2 This guide outlines how the design of health promotion programs should be based on research evidence that explores the complexity of links between men, masculinity and health, and be tailored to the respective audience.

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Shine SA: Positive Images Of Men's Health Pilot Project

booklet This resource was developed in response to the need identified that migrant, refugee and CALD men had little understanding of services available or how they could access them.

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HDHS: Pre-Appointment Men's Health Checklist

hdhs cover This very useful checklist was produced by the Hawkesbury District Health Service as a series of prompts prior to medical appointments.

"Men need time and space to formulate responses to personal questions..."

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Tufts University: Educating Men About Health In The Digital Age

PITCH In the modern era, many men spend inadequate time focusing upon healthy living. However, men are increasingly "connected" by email and mobile Internet devices, which are now commonplace at most socio-economic levels.

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