Men’s Health Information and Resource Centre

Our Charter

MENGAGE is the Australian Male Health Clearinghouse.  We will:

  • Showcase examples of programs, research, publications or other initiatives that demonstrate evidence of good practice in areas of male health mainly in Australia but also internationally if appropriate.
  • Provide data that enables male health practitioners to clearly demonstrate areas of need and major issues in male health
  • Collate evidence that recognises the major health issues that are contributing to men's health.

MENGAGE will therefore:

  • Offer content that is relevant to practitioners working in New South Wales in diverse aspects of male health. This content may be sourced from other states in Australia or even from overseas if there is relevance to improving practices in NSW.
  • Profile resources that can be used in their current form by other health practitioners rather than profile services to purchase or the work of individuals or organisations that isn't directly of use to other practitioners.
  • Focus on the needs of practitioners working in New South Wales:  
    • More accessible, appropriate health care for men.
    • Better cancer awareness, early detection and intervention.
    • More effective health messages for men, (less obesity, less smoking, less risk drinking and less unsafe sex).
    • Better mental health and wellbeing.  
    • Better prepared, more involved fathers.


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