Men’s Health Information and Resource Centre

What is MENGAGE?

MENGAGE is designed to answer some commonly asked questions from folks taking action in male health. These questions include:

  • "What resources are available to help us run a better male health program?"
  • "How do you engage with men and get them to come to events, think about their health or otherwise take action for better health?"

By showcasing and sharing programs, resources and publications that others in the field have produced about better male health, you can learn from their experiences, successes and even their mistakes!

A More Detailed Approach To Male Health

MENGAGE aims to do more than just list avaiable resources and programs.  We believe the valuable part is to go further and analyse what's available and why it is useful.

This means linking resources together, extracting insights from the program and its owners, and uncovering knowledge and resources from across the world of male health.

MENGAGE is the NSW Male Health Clearinghouse

We're based in New South Wales but it's our job to search the world for resources that demonstrate good practice in male health. As you can see, there are a large number of facets to male health so there is a lot to cover.

Most of all, if you have found a good way to increase the number of men or boys attending your service, or you've broken through some difficult barriers to reach males, we would like to know.

You can tell us all about your successes at our Submit A Resource page, and we'll go from there.

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