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MHI5449 Men s Health Week Logo New Men's Health Week is an annual campaign aimed to raise public awareness of men and boys health nationally and internationally. It aims to improve the delivery of health and wellbeing services to men and boys, as well as increasing men's awareness of their own health, wellbeing and relationship options.

"Men's Health Week aims to improve health of men and boys by leveraging the goodwill, insights and knowledge of local services and concerned communities at a local level..." 
Men's Health Week (MHW) Men's Health Week (MHW)  is an annual international campaign celebrated in June each year. Local communities in Australia are encouraged to run events that are relevant for men and boys in their local areas. Different communities tackle different men's health needs so the best way to improve men's health is for services, groups and individuals to address the specific men's health and wellbeing needs in their own communities.  


Men's Health Week aims to:

  • Raise the profile and public awareness about men's health and wellbeing.
  • Improve delivery of health and well-being services to boys and men.
  • Increase men's own awareness of their health, wellbeing and relationship options.
  • Educate medical, health care and welfare professionals to make them feel better equipped when dealing with men's health issues.

Over the last few years more than 500 communities across Australia have run events, promotions, displays and activities to create opportunities to address malehealth and connect with men and boys in local communities.

Men's Health Information and Resource Centre (MHIRC) displays the events on the Men's Health Week website, provides free posters, flyers and merchandise to event organisers to be used for promoting their events. MHIRC also assists event organisers in the promotion of the Men's Health Week campaign by partnering with other organisations to increase public awareness of Men's Health Week.

Men's Health Week Events  

Men's Health Week: Useful Men's Health Information, Event Ideas & Contacts

The Men's Health Week booklet "Men's Health Week: Useful Men's Health Information, Event Ideas & Contacts" is a guide that practitioners, health service providers, community centres, groups and individuals can use when creating Men's Health Week events. It contains:

  • An overview of Men's Health Week and information on the current state of men's health.
  • Information on creating and hosting events, and partnering with others.
  • Dealing with the media and creating a media release.
  • Men's health contacts to other groups and organisations.

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