Men’s Health Information and Resource Centre

Diabetes is a very preventable condition that is strongly correlated with socioeconomic status. Diabetes Australia estimates that around 4.9% of males and 3.9% of females are affected by diabetes. Diabetes is heavily influenced by lifestyle factors so it is connected with the contexts of physical activity, food choices and other behaviours that people can influence to reduce the onset of this illness. Diabetes has ongoing impacts in sexual health, heart health, and mental wellbeing. These resources provide services with information directed at males.

Diabetes Australia: A Guide For Men With Diabetes

diabetes men This factsheet provides an easy to understand, accessible set of tips targeted at men to reduce the risk or getting diabetes and managing the condition.

"Integrate advice about disease prevention or management into the contexts of men's lives..."

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'No One Should Die Penniless and Alone': The Victims of Britain's Harsh Welfare Sanctions

David Clapson when he was 011David Clapson, 59, suffering from Diabetes was found dead last year after his benefits were stopped on the grounds that he wasn't taking the search for work seriously. He had an empty stomach, and just £3.44 to his name.

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