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Continence Foundation Of Australia: A Guide For Men Undergoing Prostate Cancer

Guide For Men The Continence Foundation has produced this guide for men who have had prostate surgery on managing the effects of continence and related urinary problems that can result.

"Most men find it highly embarrassing and difficult to talk about incontinence, even with their partners..."
Prostate cancer surgery can result in side effects including problems with erectile function and with continence. The challenge for practitioners is to be able to offer men information on the possible effects and information on how those effects can be managed if they occur.

This booklet was produced in 2007 as a guide for men and it is designed in a way that provides easily accessible information about the after effects of prostate cancer surgery.

Exploring The Topics Men Find Sensitive

One of the benefits of this resource is that it covers the topics that many men find sensitive such as the issues around managing potentially 'embarrassing' episodes. The resource offers practical and achievable information that men can do to minimise the issues and take steps towards healing.

This is important in terms of providing men with actions they can do to make things better.

Use By Services

This resource would be useful during follow up consultations for affected men but also for family members and partners who want to find out what they can do for their husband or father.


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