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heads up guys The HeadsUpGuys website is a Canadian-developed online resource for men aimed to raise awareness about men's depression. HeadsUpGuys reaches out to men and provides guidance and direction to those living with depression. There are practical tips and advice, information about professional services, answers to common concerns that men may have, success stories and lots more.

Although this website is aimed towards Canadian men and boys it applies to any man seeking support and information about depression, from recognising the symptoms to taking action to overcome it.

In Canada, almost 3000 boys and men died by suicide in 2012 (Statistics Canada ) and 840 000 men are affected by depression each year. This website helps men and boys to gain information to prevent depression and take control of their lives before things get out of hand. Friends and family will also benefit from reading this information as they are often the ones noticing when things don't seem right, and they often provide support and encouragement through the recovery process.

The HeadsupGuys website was developed by the Men's Depression and Suicide Network  at the University of British Columbia, funded by Movember Canada.

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