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Blueprint for Men's Health - A Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle

mens health blueprint This publication was developed to reach men and their families where they live, work, play, and pray with health prevention tips and strategies as well as the latest information and questions to address with their primary health care provider.


The guide aims to equip men and women with the tools necessary to facilitate early detection while providing a blueprint to achieving a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their loved ones.

Men's Health Network is dedicated to building healthy families, one man at a time. The second edition of the "Blueprint for Men's Health" has been designed to serve as a resource for anyone wanting to take ownership of their health, while addressing areas and disease topics for men that often go overlooked.

More than half of premature deaths among men are preventable. But you can’t prevent a problem if you don’t know it exists.This book discusses the main health issues that men face.

Each chapter focuses on a single condition or group of related ones. It talks about the factors that increase risk, and it shows you how to recognise symptoms and gives you some practical, easy-to-implement prevention and treatment strategies.

A life may be saved by educating yourself and others about potential male health problems and passing on the information to men. By encouraging the men in your life to realise that even small symptoms may be serious and needing to be discussed with their health practitioner, you are helping them to take a more active role in their own health care.

This publication is about preventative care, recognizing symptoms and knowing when to call in the professionals.

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