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This editorial feature from the Victorian Department Of Health reviews a gender-based approach to health and includes case studies of successful programs from around the state for both men and women.

"This broader perspective has the potential to initiate a more flexible approach for some of these [hard to engage] men..."
Gender is a recognised social determinant of health and wellbeing, yet surprisingly few services have adopted a gender-based approach towards health promotion. This editorial feature from the Victorian Department of Health (2007) highlights successful case studies where a male-centric approach is paying dividends.

The Stories Of Hope Project

This project was designed to give a voice to the otherwise-voiceless men who lived in marginal housing or under homelessness. Its benefit was in enabling the men to share their story and then have the opportunity to confirm the accurate recording of that story. This process provides real and accurate, personal insights into the context of homelessness and with the direct participation of housing workers, it enabled a better understanding of men's interactions with marginal or non-existent housing.

BCHS Rural Men's Health Model

Part of the engagement with Men's Health Week in 2005 was to bring together a diverse range of service providers and health practitioners to run events in the community.  The events attracted over 1500 men at a variety of male-friendly settings including saleyards and workplaces. Important findings of the program included:
  • choosing the most appropriate engagement strategies, that is, going to where the men are
  • providing information in a non-confronting manner, usually best achieved by a skilled male practitioner
  • providing access to services at times that are more likely to encourage men to attend.

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