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Resource Kits For Workplace Physical Activity

PhysActKits These physical activity resource kits are designed to promote increased physical activity at work. The kits can encourage staff to take up physical activity at work using simple strategies.

"The healthiest Australian employees are almost three times more productive than their unhealthy colleagues..."
These resource kits offer a set of practical guides and resources towards improving levels of active and incidental physical activity in the workplace.

They are useful to enable employers to link improved physical and mental health of staff with benefits to the business bottom line in terms of productivity, profitability and reduced rates of illness.

Implementing physical activity programs can also enable an organisation to build a culture around better employee health, morale and job satisfaction.  The important part is to incorporate support from management to communicate to staff that taking actions for physcial health are accepted and important.

The guides also provide useful tools, checklists and case studies to assist organisations in managing and implementing employee physical health programs.

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