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VicHealth: Engaging Men In Health Seminar June 2011

Dept Vic Health In association with Men’s Health Week in June 2011, the department hosted a seminar entitled Engaging Men in Healthcare.

"Men will engage in positive health practices if they are in an environment which supports positive health practices..."
This resource features presentations, audio and audio transcripts from Peter Strange and Dr Greg Malcher.

The resources offer insight and advice from two leading men's health professionals about practical ways to better engage men in health. This follows on from the work done to produce the Victorian Men's Health Strategy which advocates for a collective approach to balancing the needs of men and the approaches of services.

About Peter Strange

Peter Strange is a Nurse Practitioner (Men’s Health) at the Bendigo Community Health Service. This highly successful model brings together men’s community and work place health promotion initiatives with a male friendly health clinic, to better address the needs of rural men.

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About Dr Greg Malcher

Greg Malcher is a GP and former National Convenor of GPs4Men (Australian GPs Network for Men’s Health), which ran from 2002-2009. He has written articles on engaging men in health care that have examined men's differing ways of approaching their health and consuming health care.

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