Men’s Health Information and Resource Centre
Health Throughout The Life Course

More emphasis is being placed on creating information that is relevant to the particular contexts of mens' lives. Approaches that focus on the kinds of checks and potential illnesses likely to affect men at that age will be more meaningful and relevant than broad-brush approaches. These resources provide an overview of some of the programs that take a life-course approach.

Movember: Health Checks At Every Life Stage

MoSons Movember has become the most successful men's health campaign of all time and its enormous levels of engagement provide opportunities to promote health to men of all ages. The 2012 Movember & Sons focus paves the way for a life-course focus.

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Foundation 49: Men's Health Toolkit

Foundation49 logo This booklet provides health facts and useful information for men through their lifespan focusing on aspects of health relevant to their age groups by decade from 20s to 70s+. Foundation 49 is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting men's health with a focus on prevention and early detection, and encouraging regular health checks.

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