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National Male Health Policy

Male Health Policy

Australia continued to demonstrate its health leadership with the announcement as only the second country worldwide to implement a National Male Health Policy. The policy document pack begins with a discussion of male health issues and the public consultations conducted in its development.

The consultations and an extensive review of the literature, led to the following underpinning assumptions:

  • The health of Australian males is important.
  • There are health inequities between males and females.
  • Not all male population groups have the same health outcomes.
  • Health is holistic.

Six priority areas are then laid out for action. These are to promote:

  • Priority 1: Optimal health outcomes for males
  • Priority 2: Health equity between population groups of males
  • Priority 3: Improved health for males at different life stages
  • Priority 4: A focus on preventive health for males, particularly regarding chronic disease and injury
  • Priority 5: Building a strong evidence base on male health and using it to inform policies, programs and initiatives
  • Priority 6: Improved access to health care for males through initiatives and tailored healthcare services, particularly for male population groups at risk of poor health

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