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ACAHS: Managing The Pressures Of Farming Life Handbook

Farming Pressures The Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety at the University of Sydney has produced this useful checklist and handbook for families to manage stress associated with farming. It is a useful resource for audiences planning for rural men's health.

"The handbook recognises that stress originates from a variety of sources..."
This useful handbook offers a process by which families in the business of farming can take a holistic look at likely stressors in their life. Like other aspects of farm business planning, it breaks the process down into manageable steps and checkpoints.

The benefit of this approach is that it involves other family members and it can appeal to the business orientation that many farming men have towards aspects of their farm business.

The handbook recognises that stress originates from a variety of sources, many of which are outside the control of the family or individual. Taking a proactive approach to likely stressors such as weather, commodity prices and legislative compliance can benefit the business health and that of the family and individual.

Importantly, the handbook examines parts of the business operations where stress is likely to arise and encourages the family to note actions against those areas.  This proactive approach means that stress management planning becomes integrated with other aspects of the daily business.


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