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Lifeline: Toolkit About Men Experiencing Difficult Times

Difficult Times Lifeline have produced this useful handbook for men and their families to cope with difficult periods in life. 

"What works is to communicate with men in a way that enables them to take action..."
Having an understanding opf some of the different kinds of stressors that can impact on males can be useful in better strucrting programs around what men need.

This guide from Lifeline offers an easy to use booklet for providing to men and their families that can help to prompt them to take action during difficult times to manasge their wellbeing.

Moving Past Old Stereotypes

The old stereotype of 'men don't talk' or 'men aren't interested in their wellbeing' is fast becoming outdated. What works is to communicate with men in a way that enables them to take action and make decisions in a way they are comfortable with.

For a man who is under pressure or dealing with the stress imposed by difficult life events, this booklet can provide a way of considering the best and most appropriate way to take action.

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